Is it correct to say hi all?

Is it correct to say hi all?

“Hi all” is not incorrect. It is a common enough greeting used by many native English speakers in addition to the other one. “Hi all” may sound incorrect to some people perhaps because they’ve been taught to regard it as incorrect — as is mostly the case in Asia.

What can I say instead of hi all?

If it’s a group of people you know really well, you can use something more informal such as “Hi all,” “Hi team” or “Hi everyone.” If it’s a small group of people (five or less), use their first names: Dear Sarah, Roxy and Chad.

What does Hi all mean?

‘Hi All’ is used to address multiple people in email or instant messages. At times it is used in hurried speech to address an audience of people.

Is it OK to write hi all in email?

If you’re addressing a group of people, Pachter advises you write, “Hi everyone.” GREETINGS TO AVOID: ‘Hey! ‘ This is fine to use with your friends, but the very informal salutation should stay out of the workplace.

Is it rude to say hi both?

1 Answer. ‘Hi both’ is lazy and impolite.

Should Hi all have a capital A?

Example: “Hi, Everyone.” A greeting such as this is casual, so capitalization is not necessary. In formal letters or memos, nouns in salutations should be capitalized, according to EditPros, a California writing and editing group. Examples: “Dear Friends” and “Dear Parents.”

Does hi both make sense?

Keep it safe when starting professional emails, stick to a ‘Hi [name]’, or ‘Hello [name],’ or ‘Hi both,’ Hi all’, if there’s more than one person in the email. It doesn’t need to be fancy. A simple, “Hello” should work.

Can you say hi to two people email?

‘ If the group is an unrelated grouping of people that you know, you can always say ‘hello everyone’ or ‘dear friends. ‘ Usually if someone receives an email, unless you hide the names, they will know by looking at the list of addressees that there are more than themselves being addressed.

Is Dear all polite?

Yes, using “Dear All” is appropriate. It’s one of the standard salutations for correspondence taught in secretarial courses for a long time.

Is texting Hey rude?

Since I’m of the school that you only send text message to people that you know, using the word “hey” is polite if: You are friends or related to the person and they aren’t an elder that you respect. You are asking a question. If it’s a greeting.

Is using Hey unprofessional?

GREETINGS TO AVOID IN MOST SITUATIONS: ‘Hey! ‘ This is fine to use with your friends, but the very informal salutation should stay out of the workplace. It’s not professional — especially if you’re writing to someone you’ve never met, says Pachter.

Do you know the meaning of Hi all?

As a non-english speaker I find this frase very disturbing: “Hi All” seems to me like “hi everything”, living and non-living, “Hi everybody” makes sense because we are talking about people, Am I out of way on this? It sounds a little awkward, but it would certainly be understood to refer only to people.

Which is better hi all or Hi everybody?

In any case, “all” and “everybody” are not interchangable. “Hi everyone” or “Hi everybody” is more standard than “Hi all.” I’ve never heard anyone say or write “Dear All.” But “Dear Everybody” is odd as well. Use “Hi Everyone” when being less formal.

How is ” Y’all ” related to ” Hi all “?

“Y’all” is a demonstrably southern form, as there is a clear isogloss running somehwere through Pennsylvania (then getting really schmeared and blurry as you go west) that separates “y’all” to the south from “yous guys” to the north. To address the main topic though, I do not think that “hi all” is at all related to “y’all.”

When to say’hello’or’hi all’?

Now, when you say ‘Hello’ or ‘Hi’, unless you specify who it is going to, it IS aimed at everybody who can hear/read it. If you wanted to say hello to John and Mark, but not Matt you might say: ‘Hello John and Mark!’