impact of gold mining on the environment

impact of gold mining on the environment

In his book The greed for Gold lights Michael Bloss, all conceivable facets of the precious metal. This also includes environmental issues:

Again and again, will be discussed goings-on in the media, the massive influences on the environment by gold mining and other Mining. How serious are these, show alarming statistics of environmental organizations. This has led to the fact that the mining industry had to consider Alternatives. Because it is precisely the process in which cyanide, mercury and other heavy metals use and thus, have become by technical improvements, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

If the environmental problem remains in many Countries, through measures in the environmental management and the environmental right, the mine operator of the governments were encouraged to rethink. However, because of lack of Alternatives, there seems to be only a partial improvement. A real Alternative to cyanide leaching of small gold particles from the Rock is still not found. Therefore, this is currently the most frequently used method for gold recovery. Economically seen, is a unrivalled method, but looking at the long-term effects, so there may be some doubt here.

Buchbeschreibung: Gold exudes from time immemorial, the myth of value, wealth and Power. In the literature, and in philosophy we find numerous influences. Not to mention the religions. But what is the role of Gold in our lives really? How much Gold is there at all? In which jewelry and everyday items it is? And Gold is indeed a safe haven for private assets?

In an entertaining way, the reader will be surprised on every page of the book with interesting facts about Gold from all possible perspectives.


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