How to get free copies of TED Talks?

How to get free copies of TED Talks?

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Why are there no TED videos on

TED-Ed videos and most TEDx content are actually embedded from YouTube on, not added as unique files (we call this non-featured content). This means that any usual governmental, local, institutional, or organizational restrictions on YouTube will apply, so the content will not be viewable on

Are there any TED Talks that will change your life?

Umm… yes, yes he can. If you’re a creative, or like me and super impatient, this talk is a great reminder that a) you can’t always plan for success and b) the most important thing is to just keep showing up. This translates to so much in life, our successes, our happiness, our health – everything. Just keep showing up.

What happens if I remove my Ted account?

If you’re subscribed to the TED Daily email newsletter, please let us know if you’d like to remain subscribed. Otherwise, account removal will also end that subscription. However, account removal will not affect subscriptions to other TED newsletters (e.g. “21 Days of Ideas, TED conference newsletters, etc.).

What was the weather like at guitar Ted?

So, I did that and at 2:00pm I was finally ready to roll out from G-Ted Headquarters for a short ride up North first. Go into the wind, roll home with it. That was the plan. The breeze was coming at what the weather people claimed was a 22mph steady stream with higher gusts.

Where did Andy from guitar Ted go to?

Andy had showed up by this time, and Wesley got our photograph for his You Tube video channel documenting his journey. Eventually he is to hook up with a companion traveler and together they are going to go to California via bicycle. Wesley thought the trip should consume about two months time.

What kind of tires does guitar Ted use?

The Vee Tire Rocketman tires were humming like bias ply truck tires! I made a short stop for a few images I needed to get but then it was back on the bike and my ride on gravel was soon over. I still had to get back home, so I snaked my way through the North parts of Waterloo, crossed the Cedar River, and was back home shortly after 4:00pm.