How to develop a project-oriented company

How to develop a project-oriented company

Below figure shows it clearly, it is the project-oriented company to the provisional last step of the development continuum of project management. This development is a project-oriented companies represents an adequate entrepreneurial response to a Situation with very high environment and business dynamics and a high proportion of projects on the overall business.

It is clear that both the representative of resource-oriented design approaches as well as evolutionary models of the development of the company propose the development of resources in the combinations or organizational skills that allow for a participatory and development-oriented strategic control. This, in turn, requires a flexibility of organizational and mental structures, as well as a decentralization of decisions.

From this perspective, two key success factors of the company development:

  • The continuous development of organizational competences by establishing a learning Organisation and
  • The targeted development of personal skills among the employees.

(1) A project-oriented company can almost be considered a prototype of a project-oriented learning Organisation understood. It requires, in addition to a systematic multi-project management a development-oriented approach of the management functions of the company to the requirements of the project management. In addition, a clear understanding of the project-oriented company must be i. S. a learning organization, the development of the organizational competencies of the appropriate corporate knowledge base. In addition to this, targeted measures for the development of personal competences in project management to take.

(2) In the framework of the “management by projects” in part 3 is implicitly already become clear that the greater Integration of project management in strategic company management has more and more consequences for the management systems of planning, control, organization, but also for staff development and for the culture of the company, the higher the number of projects outstanding share of sales of a company. While in the context of a management by projects is the Integration of project management into the overall development of the company is sought, a project-oriented company, in addition to the fact that the management functions of the company are systematically geared to the requirements of project management. The further development of the management functions and the necessary capacity building at organizational and personal level to hang close to each other.

This Text comes from the book project management by Professor Dr. Franz Xaver Bea, Professor Dr. Steffen Scheurer, Sabine Hesselmann: 2., revised and expanded edition, 796 pages , ISBN 978-3-8252-2388-5

The book shows the “State of the Art” of project management and innovative impulses for the further development. New is the representation of a close relationship between project and Strategic Management. The three authors draw on up-to-date discussions: on topics such as project management Assessment, Critical Chain and Agile project management. Numerous examples as well as questions and answers will help students with the understanding of control and allow you a quick applicability. In addition, the title is also suitable for practitioners who want to update their knowledge on project management.

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