How reliable are VW Crafters?

How reliable are VW Crafters?

Volkswagens are known for their reliability and the Crafter comes with a three-year/100,000-mile warranty, in common with the market-leading Ford Transit.

When should a VW timing belt be changed?

We recommend changing your cambelt once every four years for cars registered before September 2009, and every five years for cars registered after. If you reach the recommended mileage limit before 4 or 5 years, you may need to change the cambelt sooner.

What is high mileage for a VW Crafter?

Be aware that the cambelt service on a Crafter is at 80,000 miles or four years. If the van has passed its cambelt service, the advice is to get an inspection, as there is a high chance of damage to the engine. If mileage is close to 80,000, try and reduce the price by £400.

What is high mileage for a Volkswagen Crafter?

Is 200 000 miles on a van bad?

The term “high-mileage vehicle” can sometimes be interpreted as “rust bucket” or “clunker,” but the truth is today’s vehicles are built better than ever. If you keep up with routine maintenance, you could push your vehicle to well over 200,000 miles.

Do you need a timing chain in a VW?

Some cars do not have a timing belt, though. Some Volkswagens, for example, have a timing chain instead. So what then is the distinction between timing belts and timing chains?

Can a timing belt be replaced on a VW?

It is not unusual to hear about replacing timing belts in car engines, and there are specific service periods in which replacements are recommended so that you don’t suffer engine damage from a broken timing belt. Some cars do not have a timing belt, though. Some Volkswagens, for example, have a timing chain instead.

What should the timing belt tension be on a VW Crafter?

Old school, years ago before all the new fangled measuring devices and adjusters the cam belt tension was correct if you could just about manage to turn the belt through 90 degrees on its longest run. Remember the days of the early VW golf… Rotate the water pump to set timing belt tension…

Is there a chain or belt on a V10 TDI?

V10 TDI – All are GEAR driven. there is no chain or belt, it is a physical gear connection. There is nothing to replace as the gears are lubricated by the engine oil

When to change the timing belt in a VW?

– VW says “140K miles or 5 years, whichever comes sooner”. – Haynes manual says “60K miles or 4 years, whichever comes sooner”, but then it says “VW recommend change interval should be reduced to 75K miles if used in a dusty environment”.

How long is the timing chain on a VW?

Without that connection, you lose control of your wheels. Most Volkswagen timing chains are made to last at least 120,000 miles. Unfortunately, there are multiple lawsuits for owners of the 2-liter EA888 engine because the timing chains in them seem to break much sooner.

Which is better timing chain or timing belt?

If you have a Volkswagen built between those years, you would be wise to have it checked before the manufacturer’s specified maintenance period. Timing chains are more popular than timing belts because of the assumed longer lifespan. Chains will take more wear and tear than a belt.

What happens if your timing chain is not working right?

There are not a lot of warning signals that your timing chain is not working right. When it malfunctions, it causes the timing of the pistons and valves in your engine to get entirely out of sync. That is devastating to your engine.