How much HP can stock Vortec heads handle?

How much HP can stock Vortec heads handle?

GM Vortec cylinder heads are used with a Comp Cams Xtreme Energy 262° camshaft to produce 390 HP and 426 ft-lbs of torque. These numbers are made with 87 octane, while most of the combos on my site used 92 or 93 octane gasoline. Again, I am not sure how much of a power difference the lower octane makes.

What kind of intake manifolds do Vortec cylinder heads use?

This dual-bolt-pattern aluminum manifold will work with all Vortec cylinder heads P/N 12529093, P/N 12558060, P/N 19300956, P/N 19300995, P/N 19331470, or P/N 19331472 NOTE: Open carburetor spacer is not recommended for use with dual-plane intake manifolds.

What kind of engine does a Chevy Vortec have?

These vehicles introduced the L31 5.7L small block featuring Vortec cylinder heads that were developed for maximum power and efficiency. Producing up to 255 hp in factory spec, this engine can also be retrofitted into an older car with a performance carburetor to produce up to 290 hp.

What are the different types of camshafts for muscle cars?

From mild lobe patterns to highly aggressive profiles, we’ve got a broad range of camshaft styles and grinds to meet your performance demands. Give your classic musclecar that lumpy, high performance idle or hold on for high-lift, high-rpm race performance. We’ve got cams for street, street/strip, race, and truck applications—and many others.

What was the casting number for the 350 LT1 engine?

350 IRON HEADS – All of the full-size cars came with iron heads. They were 10125320 or 12554290 castings. 265 IRON HEADS – The 265 had its own unique cast iron head with a 10208890 casting number. The chambers are smaller, so these heads cannot be interchanged with any of the 350 LT1 heads. That’s the story on the parts and pieces for the LT1.

What kind of Cam to go with, 350 with vortec heads?

That is why the GM 350HP hydraulic cam used in the Corvette is considered the best street cam ever produced by GM and that was using the pathetic flowing fuelie heads. JMO Jack Number 1 if these are your choices. GM sells a vortec 350 with advertised 330 HP. This link shows the cam spec’s that they use. Is it a roller block?

What kind of Cam does a Chevy truck use?

I installed this cam in a internally balanced 383 sbc tbi 1995 truck .It has a tunable efi. At 14.3 afr and air on in gear,idles at 670 smooth and steady. 0 of 0 found this answer helpful. I installed this cam in a 5.7 vortec bored .030 over with a holley 650 carburetor, big valve heads, near stock compression, and long tube headers.

Which is the best camshaft for a small block Chevy?

If the world of camshafts is still a bit baffling to you, we suggest investing in the High-Performance Chevy Small-Block Cams & Valvetrains book as an excellent introduction. That book goes into far more detail than can be covered in this short chapter. The most popular cam design for street small-blocks is the flat tappet hydraulic version.

What kind of transmission does a Chevrolet Performance have?

I installed this cam in a 5.7 vortec bored .030 over with a holley 650 carburetor, big valve heads, near stock compression, and long tube headers. Stock 700 r 4 transmission, no air conditioning.