How many people can the Airbus A380 take?

How many people can the Airbus A380 take?

Airbus A380-800 The Airbus A380 800 is a passenger plane made in France with capacity for 853 passengers in a single class or 644 in a two-tiered class. It has a travel range of 8,208 nautical miles or 15,200 kilometers.

How many A380 pilots are there in the world?

With less than 200 pilots on the books, that means only around 11 A380s can be operated at the present time.

How much do Emirates A380 pilots earn?

Monthly Salaries of Emirates Pilots An Emirates Captain who flies the A380 and B777 fleets earns a basic salary of AED 42,695 and a housing allowance of AED 16,075 plus average flying pay. This leads to a total, tax-free salary of AED 58,770 per month.

How many passengers have been transported by the Airbus A380?

To date, 234 aircraft have been delivered. Some of the open orders will be converted to orders for other aircraft. The remaining orders will be filled with A380s in the next couple of years. The Airbus A380 has transported more than 200 million passengers.

Did the Airbus A380 program ever turn a profit?

Based on this information, we can assume that the Airbus A380 program never turned a profit when we consider the huge investment the aircraft manufacturer made to start the program. The A380 has been a popular aircraft among aviation enthusiasts and passengers alike.

How big is the Airbus A380 FAL in sqft?

The A380 FAL is over 1.6 million sqft in size and employs thousands. Photo: Airbus. Once all the parts arrive, assembly begins in a single combined station. Scaffolding is erected to join all the major parts once they are lifted into position by cranes. This station sees nearly every part of assembly completed, from the nose to the tail.

Where are the wings of the Airbus A380 made?

While major components are built in neighboring European countries, other parts of the A380 are made in other places. For instance, the wingtips are made by Australian aerospace firm Hawker de Havilland, according to FlightGlobal. But how do these parts make it to the final assembly line?

How many airports support the A380?

The A380 is compatible with over 140 small and large airports for regular service worldwide, and up to 400 airports when adding diversion airports, demonstrating that the A380 is a very easy aircraft to accommodate within airport infrastructure.

What airlines fly the Airbus A380?

Today, Airbus A380s fly to more than 110 destinations around the world, including to Australia. Currently, 14 airlines use the double-decker A380s, including Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qantas, Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways, Qatar Airways and Etihad.

What do airlines have an A380?

  • Air France. The French flag carrier used the A380 on operations to three different continents.
  • Asiana Airlines. The South Korean outfit holds six of the jets within its fleet.
  • British Airways. The British outfit currently flies 12 A380s to 10 destinations.
  • China Southern.
  • Emirates.
  • Etihad.
  • Hi Fly.
  • Korean Air.
  • Lufthansa.
  • Qantas.

    What are some interesting facts about the Airbus A380?

    Airbus A380 Facts The first fact about A380 will surprise you. Many believe that A380 is the largest plane in the world. The A380 is 24.1 meters high, 80 meters wide, and 72.7 meters long, equivalent to 2 blue whales length. The plane weighs approximately 590 tons. The wings of the plane are 54% larger than the wings of a Boeing 747 aircraft.