How many people can a Boeing 787 hold?

How many people can a Boeing 787 hold?

787-8 Dreamliner 787-10 Dreamliner
Passengers (two-class) 248 336
Range nmi (km) 7,305 nmi (13,530 km) 6,345 nmi (11,750 km)
Length 57 m (186 ft) 68 m (224 ft)
Wingspan 60 m (197 ft) 60 m (197 ft)

How many passengers can a 787-10 carry?

United’s 787-10 has 44 seats in a single business-class cabin, 21 in the Premium Plus section, 54 Economy Plus seats, and 199 regular economy seats.

How many passengers can a Boeing 797 carry?

Boeing 797-6 can carry 228 passengers to a range of 8,500 nmi.

How many seats does a Boeing 787 8 have?

Boeing 787-8/Number of seats

Which airplane is the best?

These Are The Five Best Planes To Choose For Your Next Flight

  • #1. Airbus A350. A Qatar Airways A350-900. Gabriel Leigh.
  • #2. Airbus A220. A Delta A220-100. Gabriel Leigh.
  • #3. Boeing 767. A United Airlines Boeing 767-400ER. (
  • #4. Airbus A380. An Etihad A380. (
  • #5. Airbus A320neo. A SAS A320neo inflight.

Will Boeing build the 797?

The Boeing 797 – an aircraft that airline passengers will love – is back on the drawing board despite Boeing’s record 2020 loss. The secret to the economics of the 797, which would sit between the single-aisle 737 and the much larger 787, is new technology. …

Which is bigger 787 or 747?

The most common variant of the 747 is the 747-400. The most common variant of the 787 is the 787-9….747 vs 787: Specs.

Specifications 747-400 787-9
Length 231 ft 10 in (70.66 m) 206 ft 1 in (62.81 m)
Width 239.5 in (6.08 m) 18 ft 0 in (5.49 m)
Height 63 ft (19.40 m) 55 ft 10 in (17.02 m)
Seats 416-660 290-420

How many passengers are on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner?

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is an American long-haul, mid-size wide-body, twin-engine jet airliner manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Its variants seat 242 to 335 passengers in typical three-class seating configurations. It is the first airliner with an airframe constructed primarily of composite materials.

What’s the range of the Boeing 787-9?

The 787-9 has the greatest range out of all the 787 models. Photo: Boeing. As for the range of the aircraft, Boeing states on its website that the 787-9 can fly up to 7,530 nautical miles (13,950 kilometers) nonstop while the 787-8 can do 7,305 nautical miles (13,530 kilometers).

How many planes have been ordered for the Boeing 787?

As of October 2019 , the 787 had orders for 1,455 aircraft from 72 identified customers. Due to ballooning production costs, Boeing has spent $32 billion on the program; estimates for the number of aircraft sales needed to break even vary between 1,300 and 2,000.

How did the Boeing 787-9 get its name?

The journey to the 787-9 started back in 2003, when Boeing began working on an efficient midsized aircraft, then called the 7E7. The “E” in the name stood for all of the breakthroughs Boeing wanted to make with the new aircraft.

How many passengers can a Boeing 787 carry?

Just slightly larger than the 787-8, the 787-9 model can hold 250-290 passengers. When configured for cargo operations, the total cargo volume is 5,400 cubic feet. A typical cargo layout for the 787-9 will hold 6 pallets, 16 LD-3 containers and has 402 cubic feet of bulk space.

Which is longer Boeing 787 9 or 10?

Although sharing the same design and technology as the original Boeing 787-8 model and the later 787-9, this ‘dash 10’ Dreamliner is longer from tip to tail – some 5.5 metres more than the 787-9, for instance. This translates into more passengers, which for the airlines means more paying bums on seats (and more cargo in the plane’s belly, too).

Are there different types of Boeing 787 Dreamliners?

There are three different variations of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and as of 31 March 2017, all three variants are flying commercially. The Boeing 787-8, 787-9 and 787-10 are described in the Boeing 787 Specs table at the bottom of this page which shows the detailed specifications of each of the types.

What kind of control system does Boeing 787 have?

The 787 has a “fly-by-wire” control system similar in architecture to that of the Boeing 777. The flight deck features multi-function LCDs, which use an industry-standard graphical user interface widget toolkit (Cockpit Display System Interfaces to User Systems / ARINC 661).