How long should cooling fan run after turning car off?

How long should cooling fan run after turning car off?

It is ok for the engine cooling fan to keep running for a few minutes after turning off the car. Your car fan will run for a few minutes after you turn off the car then turn it off. This is normal in many vehicles, such as BMW or Mercedes-Benz. The radiator fan may run up to five minutes and sometimes longer.

When I turn my car off the fan continues to run?

It’s normal for some vehicles to have a fan run for a few minutes after the car is shut off, generally to keep the engine cool. It’s possible you may have a module or relay failing in your car. Have a mechanic inspect the electrical portion of your cooling system to be sure it’s running correctly.

Why does the cooling fan keep running?

Cooling fans stay on at all times If the cooling fans are staying on at all times, this is another (less common) symptom of a possible problem with the cooling fan relay. If the relay shorts internally, it may cause power to be permanently switched on, which will cause the fans to run at all times.

Why does my radiator fan only turn on when AC is on?

Most likely the temperature sensor that operates the fan under normal circumstances is faulty. The AC controls may operate the fan from a place in the control circuit after the normal temp sensor so everything is OK when the AC is on. Also the Fan may be on continuously when the AC is operating.

Is it OK to leave the cooling fan on when the engine is turned off?

Car Fan Still On When Engine is Turned Off You park your car, turn off the ignition and start walking away. Then you notice the engine cooling fan is still running even though the car is turned off. It is ok for the engine cooling fan to keep running for a few minutes after turning off the car.

Why does my car fan keep running after I Turn Off the car?

The common culprits are the temperature sensors (your car has two), which are the fan switch and the fan timer module. This article will discuss the three reasons why your fan might continue to run, even after the car is shut off.

How does a radiator fan work when the AC is on?

The electric radiator cooling fan assembly is controlled by a thermoswitch located in the side of the radiator. At higher coolant temperatures, the switch closes to start the cooling fans. Any time the coolant temperature rises to higher than normal levels, the fan will start and continue to run until coolant temperature returns to a normal range.

What to do if your radiator fan is going bad?

A new radiator fan and thermal fan clutch, ready to keep your engine cool. Benjamin Jerew is an ASE-certified Master Automobile Technician with over a decade of experience in auto repair, maintenance, and diagnosis.

Why are the cooling fans not working on my car?

1. Engine running hot 2. Cooling fans do not function 3. Cooling fans stay on at all times Average rating from 129,472 customers who received a Vehicle Engine Cooling Inspection. Most modern vehicles use electric cooling fans to help pull air through the radiator so that it can keep the engine cool.

How does a radiator fan work in a car?

Most of the after fan run are on the Low temp side of the switch in the radiator. if you run the a/c, it will run hotter, so they added a switch to the fan to turn it on, it is controlled by the heater control fan switch. if the control selector is in the black area, on non-defrost, then the radiator fan operates as if the a/c isn’t there.

What to do if your radiator fan is bad?

If your fan runs, then your after fan run switch is bad. To test the Radiator fan thermo-switch you have to drain the cooling system, and remove the switch from the radiator. Connecting the leads of your DVOM to the switch legs in resistance mode.

When do you turn on the radiator fan?

If the a/c is on, then it turns on the radiator fan. The Radiator fan will come on if you have the selector in the blue, or defrost setting. When are driving at hi-way speeds, and you pull off the road, the engine temp spikes or rises, as it is trying to cool down, sort of like you after a run or exercise, need to “walk-it-off” or cool down.