How does beneatha change in a raisin in the sun?

How does beneatha change in a raisin in the sun?

Unlike the rest of her family, Beneatha looks beyond her immediate situation in an effort to understand herself as a member of a greater whole. As she becomes more educated, it becomes increasingly hard for Beneatha to relate to the rest of her family.

What was beneatha’s dream in a raisin in the sun?

Beneatha’s dream is to become a doctor and to save her race from ignorance. The first part of her dream may be deferred because of the money Walter loses. Her dream is also one deferred for all women. Beneatha lives in a time when society expects women to build homes rather than careers.

What is the conflict between Mama and beneatha?

Mama and Beneatha argue because Mrs. Younger does not like the things Beneatha is saying, and feels her daughter is taking the name of the Lord in vain. Beneatha states her age, 20 years old, as proof of her right to speak the way she wishes, but her mother feels it has nothing to do with age.

How does beneatha change throughout the play?

Throughout the play, she searches for her identity. She dates two very different men: Joseph Asagai and George Murchison. She identifies much more with Asagai’s interest in rediscovering his African roots than with George’s interest in assimilating into white culture. Beneatha prides herself on being independent.

Does beneatha believe in God?

Beneatha doesn’t believe in God. Beneatha’s Mother, Lena is a very religious woman. Lena pretty much forces Beneatha to say God is real while they’re living under the same roof. Beneatha obviously disagrees with this but can’t do anything about it.

Why can’t beneatha become a doctor?

Terms in this set (9) Why doesn’t Beneatha want to be a doctor anymore? She doesn’t want to be a doctor anymore because she thinks that without the money she won’t be able to go to school to be a doctor. She can’t cure that problems that are wrong with humanity such as racism and greed.

What does Ruth think mama should do with the money?

Ruth suggests that Mama might help Walter by giving him some of the money for his dream of buying the liquor store.

What does Mr Lindner want from the younger family?

Lindner’s idea of resolving the “problem” of a black family moving into the neighborhood is to try and bribe the Youngers. He and his fellow homeowners have gotten enough money together to buy the house that Mama bought for more than what she paid for it. Basically, Mr.

What kind of person is Mr Lindner?

A middle-aged white man named Karl Lindner appears at the door. He is a representative from the Clybourne Park Improvement Association, and he tells the Youngers that problems arise when different kinds of people do not sit down and talk to each other.