How do you use a window crank removal tool?

How do you use a window crank removal tool?

To use window crank removal tool, place the front opening of the tool behind the window crank, as in the illustration above. In most cases there will be a large plastic washer behind the crank. You must pull the crank slightly outward to find the slot where the retainer pin is located.

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How do you remove a window crank from a house?

Open the window until the crank arm guide bushing aligns with the notch in the guide track (use a locking pliers for a crank handle and push out on the window to help it open). Press down on the arm to free the bushing from the track, and then push out the window until the bushing clears the track.

How do you turn a window winder on and off?

Loop it round the furthest bottom pulley. Fit the winder to the regulator and drum. Keeping the cable taut, wind it on to the drum. Turn the winder anti- clockwise on a right-hand door, clockwise on a left-hand door.

How to remove Winder rack from window frame?

Push the glass to the top of the frame and secure it with tape. To remove the rack, undo the screws at its top and bottom and at the winder-handle boss . The bottom screws of the rack may be on the underside of the door. Lift out the rack and winder boss through the access aperture.

What to do when a window winding mechanism is removed?

Use strong tape, as this must hold the glass to prevent it dropping when the mechanism is removed. Take off the door fittings and trimmings and the inner door panel (See Removing a door trim panel ). Carefully remove the polythene condensation-barrier sheet behind the panel and set it aside for reuse.

How do you remove winding arm from window?

Reach through the door access aperture to disconnect the sliding arm. It may fit into a bottom channel, or it may be held by a centre pivot secured by three screws. After disconnecting the sliding arm, move the regulator and the arm sideways in both directions until the upper end comes away from the sliding channel at the bottom of the glass.