How do you replace the idler pulley tensioner?

How do you replace the idler pulley tensioner?

7 Simple Steps to Replace Your Idler Pulley

  1. Disconnect the negative battery cable.
  2. Loosen the tension adjustment bolt with a socket wrench and remove the drive belt.
  3. Remove the retaining bolt to release the idler pulley.
  4. Compare your old idler pulley with your new pulley to check you have the correct replacement.

How do you release tension on a pulley?

If equipped with a tensioner screw, back off the tensioner screw. Then, push the alternator toward the other pulleys, loosening the belt. To loosen an NAI tensioner, loosen the locking nut or bolt, then back off the tensioner screw. Push the pulley toward the other pulleys or accessories, loosening the belt.

What to use to replace mini idler pulley?

– To gain access to the pulley and release the tension on the belt, see AGgranger’s write up. (MINI Belt (de)tensioner tool, philips head screwdriver, small Allen wrench for holding tensioner in place) – New idler pulley – MINI part number 11-28-0-946-004.

What’s the best way to replace a tensioner pulley?

Install the proper tool into the square-drive inlet or bolt head provided with the chosen tool and then pivot the tensioner. The repair manual will illustrate which way the specific tensioner needs to move to release the tension.

What should I torque my idler pulley to?

Using a torque wrench (and a socket to keep the pulley from spinning if needed), torque the pulley bolt to 40 ft/lb. Set the wrench to 40 ft/lb and apply pressure to the bolt with the wrench until it clicks and you know you’ve hit the required torque.

How to replace idler and tension pulley in Ford F-150?

Pro Tip 1 Insert your 1/2″ drive ratchet or belt removal tool into the hole on the tensioner. 2 Rotate it clockwise towards the driver side to release tension. 3 While holding the tool, unhook the belt from a pulley 4 You can now release the tool and use both hands to remove the rest of the belt

What do you need to know about idler pulleys?

Average rating from 322 customers who received a Idler Pulley Replacement. Idler pulleys are a newer style of tensioner and guide for your vehicle’s drive belt. They help to maintain control and tension on the belt as it rotates at high speeds.

When do you need to tighten a tensioner pulley?

You’ll need to tighten a tensioner pulley, in most cases, after the installation of a new drive belt, or to adjust for a stretched drive belt that hasn’t worn enough to warrant replacement. Stretch belts don’t need tensioner pulleys but are “stretched” into place using a special tool—always use the special tool to prevent belt damage.

Can a idler pulley be removed from an alternator?

To remove the drive belt, first release the tension to the belt. If your idler pulley attaches to the alternator, you will have to remove the bolt attaching the pulley to the alternator and push the entire alternator down to relieve the tension on the belt.

Do you need a Torx socket for a idler pulley?

Newer Mercedes-Benz idler pulleys (on M272 and M273 and newer models) require a Female Torx socket. Always verify by inspecting the bolt on the center of your idler pulley. Park your Mercedes-Benz in an area where you can work.