How do you remove a Toyota door panel?

How do you remove a Toyota door panel?


  1. Remove access cover from door latch trim piece.
  2. Remove screw behind door panel using Phillips screwdriver.
  3. Remove trim piece surrounding window and lock controls using plastic trim stick.
  4. Disconnect electrical connectors.
  5. Remove connectors on arm rest using plastic trim stick and Phillips screwdriver.

What size speakers are in a 2005 Dodge Neon?

Speakers that fit your 2005 Dodge Neon*

Speaker location Speaker sizes**
Corner Dash 3-1/2″
Front Door 6-3/4″
Rear Deck Corners 6×9″

What do you need to remove a car door panel?

This padded cardboard item is held on by a series of screws and plastic clips that must be removed to service such items as a window switch , door lock and window motor and regulator. All door panels basically perform the same task though the process a door panel removal will vary slightly for each vehicle.

Where are the trim pieces on a door panel?

Most door panels will have small trim pieces located at the top of the panel at either the right or left side. Use a small screw driver or trim removal tool and detach (pop off) any trim pieces above the door panel.

How much does it cost to remove a door panel?

Once the problem is repairs the door panel can be reinstalled. What Does it Cost? When you are taking you car into a repair garage or dealership to have the door panel removed it will cost between $55.00 and $95.00 (US) depending on the design or manufacturer. There is a video of this job being done at the bottom of this guide. 1.

How do you remove a window from a car?

Some cars may have a manual window crank that needs to be removed. Take a metal pick tool and wedge it behind the crank. Locate the small clip wire holding it in place and slide it out from behind the crank. Then, pull the crank straight out with your hands to remove it.