How do you put transmission fluid in a Dodge Neon?

How do you put transmission fluid in a Dodge Neon?

Lower your Neon off the safety stands with the jack. Open the hood, pull out the transmission dipstick from its tube and fill the transmission with 4 quarts of ATF+4 Type 9602 through the dipstick with a funnel. Start the engine. With the parking brake applied, push the brake pedal to the floor and hold it there.

How do you put transmission fluid in a dipstick?

You can add more by inserting a funnel into the tube the dipstick was withdrawn from and pouring a small amount of automatic transmission fluid into the pipe. Check the level each time you add a little until the level is right between the two lines.

How much transmission fluid does a Dodge Neon take?

Neon Transmission Data
Manual Automatic (DOHC)
Torque Rating: 160 ft/lb (clutch)
Lubricant: Mopar MTX lubricant, p/n 4773167 ATF+3, type 7176
Lubricant capacity: 2.3 quarts 8.9 quarts dry, 4 quarts (drain & refill)

How do you change transmission fluid in a Dodge Neon?

Put on a pair of goggles, climb under your car and position a large drain pan under the transmission pan. Remove the mounting bolts from the sides and front of the transmission pan with a ratchet, long ratchet extension and socket. Be careful not to burn your hands as hot transmission fluid will begin to drain from the pan.

How often should you change the oil in a Dodge Neon?

Chrysler recommends replacing the fluid every 24,000 miles or two years to help flush out particles, such as metal and friction material that accumulate in the oil over time and accelerate parts wear. Changing the oil at regular intervals will not only help you keep repair costs down but also increase the service life of your Neon transmission.

What kind of fluid do you use for manual transmission?

• Recommended for all vehicles manufactured by General Motors & Ford (except those with CVTs, or those calling for Type F ATF) including Mercon LV • Recommended for many imports, including Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, BMW, Volkswagen and Audi • Outperforms conventional Transmission fluids Part# VV324

When to use Valvoline Dex / Merc transmission fluid?

Valvoline DEX/MERC • Recommended for vehicles manufactured by General Motors & Ford, 2005 and earlier • Recommended for many imports, 2005 and earlier, including select Toyota and Mazda • Recommended for use where DEXRON®-III/MERCON Transmission fluid is required Part# VV353 Ford: Valvoline ATF Recommended for MERCON®V Applications