How do you get rid of thieves on your car?

How do you get rid of thieves on your car?

The presence of a visible camera can scare off thieves immediately. It’s much simpler to steal a vehicle that won’t alert its owners for some time. Also, you can scare off thieves by installing a very loud siren in the car that reacts to the slightest motion.

Is it harder to steal newer cars?

As a general rule of thumb, newer vehicles are harder to steal than older cars because of advancements in theft prevention. It’s stolen 5.4 times more often than the average vehicle, according to the study.

Why do thieves steal car radios?

People would spend thousands of dollars having custom music systems installed and those systems were extremely valuable. Thieves could break into vehicles, rip out the systems relatively easily and they could obtain a modest amount which they could then use for drugs.

Can Thieves steal keyless cars?

When thieves target a car, they can use the features of keyless entry to break into the car without actually having the key. One of the most common types of keyless car theft can be done within 2 minutes, right outside your house.

Why do thieves burn cars?

The motivations behind the burning of vehicles are similar to those of other types of arson crimes. According to the National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime, the most common motive (41 percent) for a serial arsonist is revenge. Arson is sometimes used to mask or conceal another crime, such as murder.

Is it possible for a car stereo to be stolen?

While car stereo theft has actually decreased in recent years, there is still a risk each time you exit your car—especially if you own a more expensive system. Potential theft is a risk you should take seriously, but one that you can take measures to prevent. Car stereos make thieves a lot of money on the resale market.

Why are car stereos so popular with thieves?

Car stereos make thieves a lot of money on the resale market. While factory-installed stock systems are typically not in high demand, specialty stereos are very attractive to criminals, because they can be removed relatively quickly without stealing the car itself.

Is it bad to leave your car stereo unattended?

You risk potential theft anytime you leave personal items inside your car. Loose items are easy to steal quickly, and electronics such as phones and GPS units are valuable to criminals. While you can prevent theft of those items by not leaving them in your unattended vehicle, your car stereo presents a unique problem.

Are there people who steal cars for a living?

Expensive cars – There are people who steal cars for a living, and so if you have an expensive car, they’ll probably target you. But for the kind of stealing I did, we always stayed away from expensive cars.