How do you cite a research paper in APA format?

How do you cite a research paper in APA format?

Include the year the paper was published in parentheses, followed by a period. Put a period between the author or organization name and the publication year for the research paper or article. For example, you may write, Gardner, L. M. (2008). Or, American Cancer Society. (2015).

How do you put citations in a research paper?

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How do I cite an online research paper in APA?

How to Cite Online Material from a Computer Network in APAauthor’s name (if known)date of publication or last revision (if known), in parentheses (year, month, day)title of document.title of complete work (if applicable), in italics.the word Retrieved followed by the date you accessed the source (month, day, year)

How do I cite an online class in APA?

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (year of publication). Title of document. In A. Instructor (Ed.), Course number: Course title (pp.

How do you cite a class in APA?

To cite your class as a personal communication, add an in-text citation after the reference. This will include your professor’s last name and first initial, “personal communication” and the full date of the class, beginning with the year.