How do I disable passive anti-theft system?

How do I disable passive anti-theft system?

Locate the override button on the alarm box, beneath the driver’s side of the dashboard. Press the button and hold it in until the alarm beeps one time. The LED light for the alarm should stop blinking, indicating the anti-theft system is disabled.

How do you bypass Mustang anti theft?

If you want to bypass your antitheft, you can attach one of your PATS keys inside your steering collumn by the lock cylinder. This will make the car always ‘see’ a key with a chip. You caqn then use a regular steel key.

How do I get my 1999 Mustang out of theft mode?

To reset the anti-theft on the vehicle You will need to first get into the vehicle and shut the doors. With the doors shut You want to put the key into the ignition slot and turn it on. Once You have turned it on You will then want to turn it back to the off position.

Why does my anti theft alarm not go off?

Sometimes though your anti-theft system will engage, the alarm won’t be going off, but you still won’t be able to start your vehicle, and that is because your wheel is locked. This can happen if the steering wheel got bumped too much after turning the car off. When the steering wheel is locked, you also won’t be able to turn the key.

When does the anti theft system car wont start?

If the engine does not respond or dies immediately after cranking up, leave the key in that position for 10 minutes. When the security light goes off, turn the ignition off, wait 20 seconds, and then start the engine. These are the most popular ways to solve the problem of anti theft system car wont start.

When does anti theft system lock the steering wheel?

Sometimes, the anti-theft system locks the steering wheel and does not let the key turn inside the slot. This annoying problem is mostly exclusive to Hondas. It mainly happens when you move the steering wheel after turning off the car. It locks the wheel in that position and does not let you move it next time you try to switch on the car.

How does the anti theft system protect your car?

The anti-theft system is designed to protect your car from theft and vandalism. Its mechanism involves an electrical circuit that disconnects in the event of a suspicious activity.