How do I add coolant to my Land Rover Discovery?

How do I add coolant to my Land Rover Discovery?

To top up the coolant:

  1. Rotate the coolant reservoir filler cap counter-clockwise and remove.
  2. Top up to the MAX indicator mark on the side of the coolant reservoir.
  3. To refit the coolant reservoir filler cap, rotate the filler cap clockwise, until the cap’s ratchet clicks at least three times.

How do I check the coolant in my Land Rover Discovery?

To check the coolant level in a Land Rover, simply unscrew the cap on the coolant tank, which is generally translucent and plastic, and make sure the coolant is between the “Min” and “Max” lines etched into the side of the tank.

Where is the coolant reservoir on a car?

Engine overheating Average rating from 129,829 customers who received a Vehicle Engine Cooling Inspection. The coolant reservoir is the plastic reservoir mounted in the engine bay that stores the coolant for the engine.

What should I do if my coolant is low on my Land Rover?

Have your Land Rover towed to the nearest service station for a cooling system pressure test. Next, investigate your coolant level WITHOUT removing your RADIATOR CAP. Do not remove the radiator cap until the cap is cold to touch. Most Land Rover’s have coolant tanks with see-thru plastic for easy coolant level verification.

Can a coolant expansion tank be replaced twice?

The part is ordered and will be replaced. Same thing happened to me. The dealer replaced my coolant expansion tank twice. Second one is working fine now. They said there was a run of bad sensors in them. Also had my cooling fan viscous coupling replaced at the same time.

How to fix a leaky coolant overflow tank?

Please try again later. Here is how to fix a leaky radiator coolant overflow tank. If your car’s coolant overflow tank has a leak in it, find the leak, wire brush or sand it down, and put some household goop or high temperature gasket sealer on the hole.