How are fuel injectors tested?

How are fuel injectors tested?

Answer: The easiest way is to listen to the injector with a mechanic’s stethoscope or a length of hose. However, if the injector is clogged, even if it’s working it’ll not spray any fuel. You can also use an ohmmeter to test for an open or shorted coil inside the fuel injector.

What happens when the injector on a diesel engine is cracked?

So when an injector becomes cracked and the fuel has leaked down in the injection system, crank times will become almost tripled in order for the fuel system to re-prime and the desired threshold reached in order to fire the engine. Determining exactly which injector is cracked can be a lengthy process.

What causes oil to mix with gas in crankcase?

Fuel dilution in oil is a condition caused by excess, unburned fuel mixing with engine oil in an engine crankcase. Hydrocarbon-based fuel, usually with a lower vapor pressure than the lubricant, has a thinning effect, lowering the oil viscosity. Will oil in gas harm engine? TOM: Yes, it’s fine to use it in your car.

Which is the best way to test a fuel injector?

A long screwdriver or thin piece of rebar will work fine. Place the tip of the rod on a fuel injector. You will be using the metal rod to transmit sound from the fuel injector to your ear without having to bring your face too close to a running engine. Set one end of the rod or screwdriver on the injector itself while holding it up with one hand.

What to do if your fuel injector is not clicking?

If you find one that is not clicking, there is an issue with the injector or the electronic control that is transmitting to the injector. If you have an OBDII scanner and your vehicle’s check engine light is on, you can check to see if there have been any errors in the vehicle’s computer regarding that cylinder or injector.

How do you test a fuel injector on a computer?

Touch the terminals (one at a time) of the harness connector with the test light. One of the terminals should make the test light glow, this is the injector power source coming from the computer. If the test light doesn’t glow, you’ve found the problem.

What do you need to test fuel injector resistance?

For this test, you’ll need a multimeter and the resistance value for the coil inside the injector. You can look up the injector resistance value in the service manual for your particular vehicle make and model. If necessary, buy an inexpensive, aftermarket repair manual at your local auto parts store or online.

How to check the fuel spray on a TBI system injector?

You can visually inspect the fuel spray on TBI system injectors. Fuel flow spray is readily accessible, making it fast to check for potential problems. Remove the cover off the air cleaner housing (where the air filter lives). Ask an assistant to start (or crank the engine, if it doesn’t start). Check the spray pattern coming our of the injector.

What kind of test can you do on a dead injector?

Photo courtesy of SPE Automotive Division on Flickr. One of the tests you can do on a dead injector is by checking the injector’s coil. For this test, you’ll need a multimeter and the resistance value for the coil inside the injector.