host excreted

With the 0:1 defeat against England, the second EM-host Ukraine is excreted in Poland in the preliminary round. Even the wrongly-given goal of the Eastern Europeans, was clearly behind the line would have changed nothing. France lost with a generally weak performance against Sweden with the score 0:2. Ibrahimovic has scored with a see perhaps the most beautiful of the EM value since the case, the puller gate. England will play as a group, the first in the quarter-finals against Italy. France meets the title defenders Spain.

Between tip game: In the case of the student leads in the overall standings at the end of the 3. Game day continues to Raxa. GR_04_12 decides the 3. Tip round. The faculty is resirobo the front. The Finalist decides the 3. Tip round

Team standings: Still leads the team of lecturers. The projection is, however, now with an average of 34,20 points in front of the students for 33.27 scarce.

Important! Please make sure before the next whistle, the four quarter-final encounters to tap!

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