Greece, and no end of

Greece, and no end of

It was a long night sitting – the result: New funding for Greece are approved. A debt relief is not for the time being, but more time to get the Land.

So, what’s next? What is the role of Gold in this together?

There are many who say, we told you the same. Why is it so struggled a long time to be a such, Alternative loose answer to the urgent questions.

Well, it is not so easy.

The Problem in Greece is complex and is consider by far not isolated.It is the continued existence of Europe and the Euro, not least in the game. There will be no great act of liberation for Greece. All the Economists agree. The policy of small steps. But what happens if Greece does not find a new business model? How could look like a viable model, which Greece would run out of the recession? What if the help said funds are not sufficient? Gold is a help, and if so, what?

You can read more about this in my new book: The greed for Gold.


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Interview: Börse Stuttgart TV (BSTV)