Gold is in the position to wait?

Gold is in the position to wait?

Currently, not a lot of price is done with the gold? The wave of euphoria is over? Or has changed the view of the world completely? The world needs no more Gold? Have abolished the Central banks of a thousand-year-old rule, or we are from the outbreak of a new gold wave?

It almost seems as if Mr. Dragi and his colleagues with their strategy of cheap money would have a solution for the issues and problems of the time. But this peace is deceptive. Because with the cheap money nothing is healed and nothing is not done (also with a minus interest). Only time is obtained. Time required for the respective economies to change. Fatal it would be, however, if this time would not be used to the full. Daann, it would be lost, not gained time. Unfortunately, this Trend is at least in Parts, currently.

The Gold will have to come to his function as the value of the hedging instrument, therefore, again soon after. The bubble was not really available, also shows how quickly a stabilization in the market has occurred. A further indication of the gold purchases of Central banks and financial market economic institutions.

India has raised the import duty on Gold. This is also a Sign that state intervention will take place, in order to lead the price and the traded volume for the General Public in a certain Range. But I’m not a Fan of conspiracy theories. I think this approach is very human and normal. It shows us how deeply the human being is connected with Gold. This connection is especially emotionally and in socialization.

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Sources: article image: Viktor Mildenberger /; Interview: BSTV