Gold in euros and in USD

Gold in euros and in USD

The price of gold, which traded traditionally in USD and is specified for many currencies significantly. Because Gold is as a currency. So many European investors are always on the price of gold in Euro and not in USD. After all, who earns his money in euros and investing, would also like to see in its own currency for a profit, and not by the exchange ratio of the USD on the back of used to see. Also for the assessment of Trends is the consideration of an investment in different currencies is an advantage. So you can quickly see if it is really a portable and, above all, the long-term Trend or just a flash in the pan. Especially in the case of Megatrends such as the rise in the gold price and the commodity markets this is of great importance.

Gold has risen in the past few years, both in Euro and in USD. The chart (source: Bloomberg) illustrates this Trend and shows these. It is also good to recognize that, as the Spread (the difference) between USD and Euro on the price of gold has worked.



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Source Of Graph: Bloomberg