Gold, and the myth of the eternal Divine

Gold, and the myth of the eternal Divine

The question why Gold is so fascinating, why so many human emotions are connected, and why the man ever since he can remember, that is why fights in our socialization, education and Religion.Not since the dance around the Golden calf (see Exodus 32) is shown a direct relation between Gold, the metal, and God. It is, as already in ancient Egypt, a kind of transcendence, between God and Gold. We go in the biblical story we read in the evangelists, Matthew 2,11 in connection with the three kings: “… and presented him with Gold, frankincense and myrrh as gifts.”

The perception has changed.

Now Gold is offered as a gift and homage to God. The transcendence is changed with the birth of the child in Bethlehem. In the Hebrew original text of the Psalm 2 we read: “אספרה אל חק יהוה אמר אלי בני אתה אני היום ילדתיך׃” – “He (God) said to me: you are My son. Today I have begotten you.“ God became man. Tangible, vulnerable, alive – For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given (cf., ISA. 9,5). The child, the Savior of the world (Salvator noster), dies of its determination in accordance with on the cross of Calvary, the atoning death for mankind, and on the third day rise from the dead, is always associated with the concept of light. Light, life, which as pure and for the people is necessary, in turn has a direct connection with Gold. So Gold as a celestial body was assigned to the sun.

Gold is for all of us, which we at the mankind memory part have thus become an absolutely precious and mythical, sought-after metal. This goes to the extent that wars are fought because of it.

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