Glamorous business in 2013?

Glamorous business in 2013?

Where will move the price of gold in 2013? What investment instruments will be in this year for investors important? What Trends are new? The financial crisis is finally over? Many of the questions that face investors in the past few days.


Where is the gold price in 2013?

A question, which really can’t be seriously answered. It is only the possibility to give forecasts. However, as with any forecast, the estimation error is, as such, pay attention not miss. However, I would dare due to a more detailed study of the various analysts ‘ opinions. Due to the still not final, completed by the financial crisis (which has taken on a new quality) I’m going to assume that a substance value-oriented investment will be crucial. Therefore, I would advise also in 2013, physical Gold as an anchor investment. The price of gold should remain, under the preconditions that the crisis is stabilizing, but not from one day to the other is solved, stable and likely to grow. The US Central Bank will print in 2013. 1.020 billion USD in addition, (see business week no. 51). This will increase the pressure on Inflation and on the hedging instruments. Also, the ECB will maintain its policy. Thus for Europe the appropriate sign. China appears on the market in addition, as a gold buyer. Also, the other emerging economies such as Brazil and Saudi Arabia occur as a buyer. The offer is thus scarce. The now very popular physically under the ETF’s rose to Gold will tend to also need to buy more, since these liquidity inflows.

What investment instruments are available in 2013 to investors important?

It stays with the property investments. Only what is really with substance will have to prevail. Not, therefore, be in addition to physical Gold, land and real estate to lose the share from view. The stock is a stake in the company. Yes, this is subject to a higher volatility but, nevertheless, this persists (substance content), even after the difficult times.

What Trends will there be?

The Trends are determined by the economic and political Situation. In 2013, we will also experience many Surprises. Just through the election campaign in Germany, you can be here looking forward to a great selection of news. So, it is conceivable that the image of the relevant Indices will be slightly distorted.

The financial crisis is finally over?

I would like to with a ” Yes ” answer, unfortunately. The crisis, however, has changed again. The measures appear to be working. Therefore, it is to be seen which frame the crisis and in the year 2013. It different will be to the already seen.


The (stock)the year 2013 will hold a lot of exciting and New for us. The list of Investments for the investors is of great importance. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket – a much-quoted proverb, when it comes to diversification, the thing here is, in principle, most clearly. Intrinsic values are, as before, the key value drivers, or substance anchor.

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