Generate a stamp certificate hassle-free through e-stamp paper online

Generate a stamp certificate hassle-free through e-stamp paper online

Generate a stamp certificate hassle-free through e-stamp paper online

Stamp duty payment is mandatory for all buying and selling properties, drafting a business contract or other legal registrations you do across India. Penalties are imposed by governments when you are delayed in stamp duty payments.

The process of a stamp system requires a lot of human resources, time and also tiring efforts. To avoid hassles in paperwork, switch to e stamp paper online service to improve the efficiency of your registration process.

What is e-stamping?

The electronic stamp is a computer-based (online) mode to pay non-judicial stamp duty to the central government. This system is a simple, hassle-free, more reliable and secure way of paying stamp duty. By replacing the traditional way of stamp papers with e-stamping, the government assures no chance of creating fraud/fake stamp papers and applicants can easily purchase stamp papers.

In India, the Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited (SHCIL) is in charge of issuing electronically stamped certificates and the e-stamp system is implemented currently in 18 states. Leegality’s e-stamp online service helps you to get instant stamped certificates and avoid the pain of the traditional stamping system.

How to get the e-stamp paper online?

Getting a stamp paper for documents is not an easy job and problems like unusual stamp duty payment, duplicate, and several others arise. Only licensed Stamp vendors can generate e-stamp papers online, you cannot generate by yourself. Each e-stamp online paper has a Unique Identification Number (UIN), a third-party cannot access and verify it.

You can pay stamp duty online through Leegality’s APIs and Dashboards. You can create a stamp request through APIs after filling all the personal information, documents details and stamp purchasing person. You will get your e-stamp online papers within 24 hours from the stamp duty payment. The e-stamp online papers have an equivalent value of physical stamp papers in India.

You have to carefully check the purview certificate before sending a stamp request. Once your digital documents get an e-stamp, duplicate copies are not issued by SHCIL. The generated e-stamp cannot be modified or edited in any manner.

Why is e-stamp online paper required?

By using an e-stamp online paper system, you can say goodbyes to pesky paperwork. The e-stamp online process keeps your documents safe and secure. When you sign a hundred legal documents per month in your business e-stamp makes your job quick and pain-free.

E-stamp online paper systems are user-friendly, easy accessibility, faster processing, secure, cost, and energy-saving than the physical stamp paper method.

  • E -stamp papers can be generated in a few minutes with assured tamper-proof.
  • The e-stamp certificate’s authenticity can be checked through the inquiry module.
  • Each e-stamp paper generated has a specific UIN.
  • There is no specific documentation procedure for e-stamp online system.

With the help of Leegality’s e-stamp automated online solution, an e-stamp certificate can be generated for your business agreements, employee contracts, insurance policies, banking documents, and other government official papers.

Integrate your business entities and other personal documents paperwork with Leegality’s e-stamp online paper service, save your resources with a nominal price and quick processing will help to improve your customer experience.

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