From student to entrepreneur

From student to entrepreneur

Marc Zuckerberg and Bill Gates have founded done what many dream of: his own company, in addition to the study. Because when, if not in degree, is favourable, to develop a company and start to sell it at the end of the studies, possibly even.

However, prior to the step in the independence students need to ask some questions: What the market says? How do I get the money? I can do this all alone? How much equity do I need? What do I do after the studies? The authors Claudia Ossola-Haring, and Alexander Dürr answer in your book, such As students, companies, reasons, everything students need to know for the decision and implementation of the company’s founding.

The book shows in a compact Form and on the basis of examples of the economic, legal and organizational opportunities and risks of starting a business while studying. The authors provide on the book a service page: this is Where students will find a helpful link list of addresses and points of contact for the Start-up of a company is important. In addition, there are Links to Blog posts from the (former) students who report on their experiences.

The book is aimed at all students, the plans to build your own company, or in the middle of the start-up phase.

The authors: Prof. Dr. Claudia Ossola-Haring is a Professor at the University of applied Sciences Calw, in the Department of media and communication. Since 1992, she leads a editorial and publisher office and free trade is a journalist, especially in the areas of taxation, GmbH, personnel, and communication. Prof. Alexander Dürr is head of corporate customer’s Stuttgart-Nord, and Director of the Baden-Württembergische Bank in the group, Landesbank Baden-Württemberg. He is also a lecturer at the private SRH University of applied Sciences Riedlingen.

Would you like a review copy or an Interview with the author? Please contact Susanne Engstle ([email protected]).

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