From idea to finished work

From idea to finished work

The Making of a scientific work: finding a topic, literature filtering, and finally a Text in the technical language of writing, of course, just-in-time. The necessary tools of the trade provides the guidance to Scientific Work in the Economics of Beate Gleitsmann and Christiane Suthaus. Everything you need to know for scientific Writing, time planning and literature search to journal rankings, citation of sources, and design an outline would.

The special feature of this book is that the substance is involved in a story. Four students, Kevin, Danny, David and Nora, through the different phases of the scientific work and ask the questions, the students regularly stumble.

A number of literature references at the end of the book helps those who want to start working in individual areas in detail.

The guide is aimed at students of economic scientific studies at universities and cooperative state universities, looking for an easy-to-understand, compact, and entertaining introduction to the topic.

The authors: Prof. Dr. Beate mechanical man is the head of degree Programme of the Department of media Economics at Rheinische Fachhochschule Köln. Dr. Christiane Suthaus is an expert lecturer for business administration at the University – and city library of Cologne

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