Everything else as close to the citizens and tax justice: Equitalia

Everything else as close to the citizens and tax justice: Equitalia

If the state exploits its citizens, this is shameful. In Italy, the Tax collection Agency Equitalia is equipped with a very wide competences, which allow, for example, tax debts, by mortgage, unknowingly, for the Affected real estate, the “tax-sinners” will have to auction off cars, if the owner of ticket are not able to pay. Possible actions of the Affected tried to counter the state by the Affected one-third of the process costs must be paid before the start of the process.

Disproportionate and unfair – as it always feel more Italian. The military guard of the authority and the attacks on the facilities of the Equitalia is an indicator of a growing discrepancy between the state and citizens.

A protester Motivation, summarizes many of the go on the road: The state is a driving merciless money from pensioners and low income earners; the big tax evaders would, however, get off Scot-free, said an angry protester on the TV channel Rai 3.

Your activity Equitalia describes in brief: The feeding activity of the Equitalia group can be summarized as follows:

  • Hebeliste independent feeder: This is direct deposits, for example, the introduction of the single payments using form F24, of the collection of taxes and other revenue paid with form F23, the collection of the municipal property tax (ICI);
  • Enter through Hebelisten: This is done through the delivery of a number card. There is a difference between voluntary feed and forced feed.

The cause for this development is the scarcity of financial resources of many municipalities in Italy, taken from the Italian state more and more in the saving clamp. There is a risk that in some regions of Italy, no schools can be opened, and the municipalities are very intensive on the revenue from traffic offenders need to put. Also, the ADAC identified a significant increase in complaints from German car-tourists in Italy experience with the traffic cops.

An Overview of the topic financial Economics is the Textbook by Wolfgang Scherf Public Finance – introduction to financial science, ISBN 978-3-8252-8478-7

This Textbook conveys the fundamentals of financial science. The focus of the public budget, public expenditure, General and special taxation, the public debt, as well as the financial compensation. The overall economic aspects of the state activity and the corresponding cycle, the theoretical analyses are particularly emphasized. Due to the strong relation to practice, the book offers a good access to the current financial political discussion.