EM-tip game conclusion: instructors in front of students

EM-tip game conclusion: instructors in front of students

We wanted to know: In the case of our EM-tip game “students against teachers” fought for teachers against learning and thus all your football expertise. Who finally had the Say on the football field? A Balance Sheet.


Overall, we must congratulate the teachers to their team victory, with 45.6 points in front of the students (a total of 43.9 points). They had from the first round – if only barely – by a nose. Some of them have early brought, with almost visionary skill points – such as players “Lille Bjoern “, and has typed on a 1:0 victory of the Danes against the Netherlands, as well as “Sarah”, and the second half the Greeks more than the Russians.

But who really has no one delude resirobo”, typed on the second round to the top of the faculty team, and there was no more to obtain was able to”. He wins with 63 points, the Polar heart rate monitor ft1, the us, our Partner lauf_bar provided.

However, the student team was not to be underestimated, which began tirelessly in the pursuit of the faculty team. In the end it was not enough. A book voucher is a deserved reward for a commanding victory of “Raxa” with 65 points.

Many thanks to all the tipsters, it was a lot of fun to watch the fight. And who knows, maybe in two years the rematch for the students and of course our national team.

PS: The winner of the EM-tip game will be contacted by us in the next few days personally.