economists meeting in Göttingen (5)

economists meeting in Göttingen (5)

This is a continuation of my Blogs to the annual meeting of the Verein für socialpolitik in Göttingen, which had to offer in many ways: so Far, I have discussed the Speeches by Gerhard Schröder and Oskar Lafontaine, as well as the economists dispute both within and outside the Association.



Ökonomentreffen in Göttingen (5)Under the title a Pluralistic supplementary meeting of the VfS, there was a series of events; from lectures to panel discussions, policy Markus Barwasser alias Erwin talking to the political Cabaret performance by Frank Furry. He filled in one night for a “AStA-Keller,” on the göttingen Campus; to berate Economists laughed at business professionals of the two “stock” in equal measure.

Video excerpts from the special program:

In a future blog post, I focus on the publishing point of view, the VfS event.

The economic publishers traditionally participate in this meeting. For the UTB were the programme makers Rainer Berger and Dr. Jürgen Schechler of UVK Lucius on the spot, in addition to the current thematic Trends with the educational challenges of the discipline of Economics to deal with and interact with other experts.