economists meeting in Göttingen (4)

economists meeting in Göttingen (4)

This is a continuation of my Blogs to the annual meeting of the Verein für socialpolitik in Göttingen, which had to offer in many ways: so Far, I have discussed the Speeches by Gerhard Schröder and Oskar Lafontaine. Here is the current Status of the German labour market, in focus, and correspondingly different evaluation.

This duel came about only by the fact that the actual annual meeting of the Association of social policy received a supplementary event, which was organized by some scientists. Since 1873 the Verein für socialpolitik. He had founded as a counter movement to the former Laissez-faire policy. In addition to academics and economic experts, politicians and journalists were among the founding members. Annual, event venues, meetings are held to exchange. This year, the annual meeting of the Association for social policy from the 09. to 12. September at the University of göttingen. The economists had as its theme “New directions and challenges for the labour market of the 21st century. Century“ is selected.

Ökonomentreffen in Göttingen (4)Under the title a Pluralistic supplementary meeting of the VfS , there was a series of events (program); presentations on panel discussions, political speeches to the political Cabaret performance by Frank-Markus Barwasser alias Erwin Pelzig (more on that in a future blog post). In an open letter to the representatives of the Association for social policy; the content of the letter is available here.

Also in the press there is read values of contributions to the “economists conflict:

  • Trouble in the science of Economics
  • When Economists collide

Ökonomentreffen in Göttingen (4)Present in the media during the conference and, in retrospect, can be the course followed and the results of the individual events in the Internet and regarded. Central Portal of the arbeitskreis Real World Economics.

Ökonomentreffen in Göttingen (4)But also the interest of the traditional media, the impact was amazing. Even the satirical show Today Show of the ZDF was all-day on-site to Film and to collect interview material.



The economic publishers traditionally participate in this meeting. For the UTB were the programme makers Rainer Berger and Dr. Jürgen Schechler of UVK Lucius on the spot, in addition to the current thematic Trends with the educational challenges of the discipline of Economics to deal with and interact with other experts.