Ebook-tip of the week: Strategic information systems

Ebook-tip of the week: Strategic information systems

The digital management of library Management, specifically, covers the most important economic issues of our time and provides the correct answer. The E-Books of this new series will address such topics in a compact and understandable. Well-known authors to bring precise solutions, without sacrificing in-depth Knowledge and high quality. Each week we have a new title in this series:

From the series Management, specifically:

Practice of strategic information systems

Strategic Management specifically

by F. X. Bea, J. Haas

ISBN 978-3-86496-048-2

EUR 7,99

The strategic importance of Information opens up in front of all, then, if one analyzes the information needs of the core building blocks of Strategic management, namely strategic planning and strategic control. The quality of information processing depends to a decisive extent on the quality of the information used.

In addition to the design of a strategic information management and the question of how one gets from information management to knowledge management to make knowledge processes, describe the authors in this book, the stages of development of computer-based information systems: Management information systems (MIS), Decision Support Systems (DSS), Executive Information system (EIS) and Data Warehouse.