Does Penn State have essays?

Does Penn State have essays?

The Penn State essay, sometimes also called the Penn State supplemental essay, is a 500 word written response included in the Penn State application for admission. The prompt for this essay invites applicants to tell the admissions committee about themselves. We suggest a limit of 500 words or fewer.

How do you get into Penn State Honors College?

Scholars admitted to the Schreyer Honors College as juniors must:Maintain a semester and cumulative GPA of at least 3.40.Submit the Schreyer Plan.Complete 14 honors credits during your junior and senior years.Submit an approved honors thesis, meeting all thesis requirements and deadlines.

Can I get into Penn State with a 3.5 GPA?

Applicants with high grades and lower test scores are more common and can often offer a better explanation for their marks, he says. Penn State doesn’t use a GPA cutoff when vetting applicants, Brigger says. In 2015, 34 percent of freshmen at Penn State had a GPA below 3.5, based off U.S. News data.

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