Do radiators have drain plug?

Do radiators have drain plug?

Simply put, the coolant drain plug allows you to easily drain the coolant from your vehicle’s radiator, especially when it’s time to replace the coolant. It saves time and makes it easy to maintain your cooling system. Aside from that, the engine coolant drain plug secures the coolant inside the radiator.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 2000 Cadillac Deville?

Drain plug should be on the drivers side of the radiator, lower back (towards the engine) When placing the drain plug on place use some oil on the O ring to ensure a good seal when tightening it back in place. Good luck and keep me posted.

Which way do you turn a radiator Petcock?

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking up at the petcock or down at it, it turns counterclockwise. You have to visualize looking straight on to the petcock as it fits into the radiator, and rotate the petcock counterclockwise relative to the stationary radiator.

Where is the radiator drain plug on a 2001 Cadillac Deville?

Your drain is located on the bottom surface of the LH radiator end tank. Once you remove the air management panel under the front of the car, the plug can be reached through a hole in the engine cradle. Use caution with the plug; the radiator end tank is plastic and the drain plug is plastic.

How do you flush a Northstar engine?

But preventing them is easy.

  1. Wait for the vehicle to be completely cool before starting the flush.
  2. Place the bucket underneath the radiator, and open the draincock.
  3. Open the radiator cap and pour in the radiator flush.
  4. Run the engine for 20 minutes with the heater on high and on the hottest setting.

What is a petcock on a radiator?

The petcock is a small bolt right under the radiator and easy to spot as modern radiators do not have any other holes underneath them that would require bolts. Usually, the underside of a car radiator is covered by a plastic panel which can be easily removed to reveal the radiator drain petcock.