DAF raw material monitor: the price of gold continues to rise

DAF raw material monitor: the price of gold continues to rise

The greed for Gold by Michael Bloss in an Interview with the German investors television. Why is Gold a mega-cycle?

Our expert in DAF-resource-monitor is on Wednesday, Michael Bloss from the European Institute of Financial Engineering and derivatives research (EIFD). The author of the book “The greed for Gold,” explains in an interview what factors the price of gold is affected. He also considers what Alternatives are there to the Gold, and whether they are for investors profitable.

This year, the price of gold rose for the twelfth Time in a row, at the end of this trend is not for the time being, to see, also not for Michael Bloss: “It is at least reasonable to assume that this mega-cycle will continue to run. When we speak of mega-cycles, we are always talking of cycles that take longer than 20 years. Especially as the geopolitical environment, the gold cycle has not changed.“ As Alternatives to Gold, often silver, and platinum. “Silver is clearly more volatile than Gold, it is also used as an industrial metal, therefore it has a larger fluctuation in intensity. In the case of platinum I am in private investors to be very careful, as the mines work just to cover costs. I would advise you rather to big brother, and the Gold“, so the opinion of Just.

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Sources: Interview and article image: DAF