Can you replace just the inner tie rod?

Can you replace just the inner tie rod?

While it may not be absolutely necessary to replace both tie rods at the same time, many mechanics may recommend a varying combination of replacement parts. If you are changing an inner tie-rod, and the outer tie-rod is an original part, it is recommended to change both.

What are the symptoms of a bad inner tie rod?

5 Signs that the Tie Rod Ends in Your Vehicle May Be Bad

  1. Inability To Steer.
  2. A Squealing Sound When You Turn.
  3. Uneven, Excessive Tire Wear.
  4. Misaligned Front End.
  5. A Steering Wheel that Feels Unusual.

How many miles do tie rods last?

Registered. I don’t expect to replace tie rod ends during the life of the vehicle. That being said in 50 years of driving i have never replaced them before 100,000 miles and many vehicles i have had have gone into the mid 200,000 mile range without replacing them.

Do you need special tool to remove inner tie rods?

if you cant pull it out on your own, get it so that the top of the nut is even with the end of the joint, protecting the threads. then use a hammer to tap on the castle nut until the joint pops loose. no special tools needed!

Do you have to get an alignment after replacing tie rods?

When replacing a tie rod, a mechanic will try to get it as close as the old one was. An alignment still needs to be performed because it will never be exactly in alignment which is measured in fractions of an inch. For example, stick your arms straight out in front of you, palms flat, and thumbs straight up.

How often should I change my tie rods?

Tie rod ends are used every time you use your steering wheel, so they can go bad over time due to wear and tear. In some vehicles, they can last for many years, while in other vehicles they may not have to be replaced at all.

How do you replace an inner tie rod?

Remove the boot from the inner tie rod end. Only do this if you are replacing both inner and outer tie rod ends. You will need to remove the pinch nut. Next, take a pair of pliers and remove the clamp from the boot on the inside end of the inner tie rod end.

How do you remove a tie rod from a steering wheel?

Remove the outer tie rod end from the steering knuckle. To do this, you can use a tie rod puller or a ball joint separator. Insert the tool between the ball joint of the outer tie rod end and the steering knuckle. Use it to pry the shaft out of the steering knuckle. Remove the outer tie rod end from the inner tie rod end.

Where are the tie rod ends on a car?

Locate the outer tie rod end. When you remove the wheel, you will be able to see the steering knuckle. There will be a shaft going through this knuckle with a castle nut on the bottom and a round head on top. This is the outer tie rod. Locate the inner tie rod end. Cars often have an inner tie rod end as well.

Where is the cotter pin on a tie rod?

Remove the cotter pin. This pin will be located where the tie rod end meets the steering knuckle. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to straighten out the pin and then pull it out. Throw the cotter pin away. It should not be reused. Use a properly sized ratchet to remove the castle nut. This is the nut that the cotter pin went through.