book project with the media jump

book project with the media jump

The Start is done. A economic non-fiction book, the author writes two years of blog posts on the financial crisis in Europe, not there yet. The first posts are now published.

Europe in a stranglehold by Gerald Pilz

Here is an Overview of the contents of the book:

  • Prologue: Athens is burning!
  • The new world economic crisis
  • The most famous financial follies of history
  • The history of the state of bankruptcy
  • The history of currency unions
  • The debt crisis in Greece
  • Spain: the Siesta
  • Portugal and Italy: The debt disaster
  • Cyprus: The expropriation of a Nation
  • The funny theses of the Euro rescuers
  • Causes of the crisis
  • The error in the creation of the Euro-zone
  • The future of Europe in the world
  • The rescue of the Euro
  • What is the Euro crisis?
  • A safe currency
  • The dangers of a Fiat currency
  • State-Independent Monetary Systems


The book of the Blog

In my book, Europe in a stranglehold, you can read about the causes, processes and effects of financial crises. In the process, I also present historical, political and social contexts of the current crisis. You will be surprised how long it is already in crises, such as often well-known States have already had to report bankruptcy and what would make a black forest family, if it would give the Euro. This and much more is in my file conceptual book. I wish you a lot of pleasure.