Are there any problems with the Duramax DEF tank?

Are there any problems with the Duramax DEF tank?

Since my Duramax was less than 6 months old it began to have problems. First with dash warnings of “Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor See Owners Manual Now”. This occurred with the DEF tank 3/4 full with new factory Chevy DEF. The Chevy mechanics at the time didn’t really understand the whole DEF system and had my truck for more than a week.

What’s the Def fluid quality of Duramax LML?

Google (Duramax LML def fluid quality poor and shows speed restricted to 55 mph) lots to read. You’ll find your answer in one of the thousands of posts.

Why does my GMC Duramax have low Def range?

There is a calibration for the vehicle computer update .This will need to be done by a dealer. dealer may encounter a customer vehicle with a DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) low message, speed limiting message, or a DEF range not resetting after a refill.

Is the Chevy Duramax DEF system mandated by the EPA?

I understand DEF is a EPA mandated system, but that does not let Chevy engineers of the hook for making a DEF system that has made the Duramax totally UNRELIABLE! The DEF system has ruined several family vacations and made my Duramax truck UNRELIABLE for any trip longer than 100 miles from home. Why 100 miles you ask?

Is there a Def issue with Duramax exhaust fluid?

Failed again, not codes came back, temp sensors OK. Noticed on deaccell nox sensor 1 not dropping below 5ppm, staying above 24ppm. Nox sensor slow to respond install latest software and install nox sensor 1 and perform qualtiy test and passed. First DEF issue I have ever had and hopefully it will be a long time before another.

Are there any problems with my GMC Duramax Diesel?

No problems with the truck thus far except the “70mph vibration”. Hopefully it can get repaired by close tomorrow. The part that scared me is that the diesel mechanic I spoke to said all is dependant on the parts availability. Phillip

What kind of def quality does a 2012 Silverado have?

I will say sorry in advanced as this is a rather long post and I did originally reply with this info on a different post but I feel that was a newbie mistake. I have a 2012 Silverado 2500HD with 33,000kms which has had a DEF Quality Poor Alarm and P20EE/P2BAD DTCs set for about 400kms now.

What does low DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid mean?

So Friday I had the “Diesel Exhaust Fluid Quality Poor Message” pop up on the dash with a 100 mile warning. I restarted the truck with no warning. I drove about 25 miles and the “Low DEF” message came on.