Alternative Nobel prize

A tribute to the unsung heroes: The Right Livelihood Award (RLA, “the price for the right way of life”), also known as Alternative Nobel prize, is an award “for the design of a better world”.

It is awarded annually by the Foundation Right Livelihood Award Foundation and funded by donations. He honors people and initiatives, the solutions for the most pressing problems of our time, to find and successfully implement.

“The winners should be the real Stars of our time, but instead, their work often fought, ridiculed or ignored”, as the Foundation. The price has no strict categories, often the merits relate to the areas of environment, peace, disarmament, human rights, development, culture and spirituality, indigenous peoples, consumer protection, education, health, energy or resource conservation. German prize-winners Hans-Peter Dürr, Monika Hauser, Petra Kelly, Hermann Scheer and Michael Succow.

This Text comes from the book sustainability of Iris Pufé – will be published soon at UTB: 14,99 € (D), 1. Edition, 260 pages, ISBN 978-3-8252-3667-0

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