Daily Archives: 2018-09-21

New App for UVK

Business dictionary for iPhone and iPad The UVK Verlagsgesellschaft mbH has a new App: The virtual reference My Wiwi Lex Lite. It makes it easier for students of the economic Sciences, the study, by explaining the 500 most important terms in a nutshell. The Central business – and Economics-topics in the focus: Management, accounting, accounting, […]

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there Should be recommendations for the Whistle Blowing?

The so-called tax CDs now come routinely from Switzerland to Germany, and also in the media. this Whistle Blower behave ethically? Not only because of the unpleasant consequences for one’s own Person, but also because of the potentially far-reaching negative consequences for innocent Affected no one should “Rat out” easily. It is expected of the […]

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The economic output of Germany in 2012

The Federal Statistical office compared by the press statement, the performance data of the German economy from 2012 to those from the previous year. The downward trend of the gross domestic product to draw offers. The Changes of the quarterly GDP values, respectively, compared to the prior-year period, the downward trend clearly. The growth rate […]

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economic activity for Whistle-Blower?

A Whistle Blower is someone who exposes unethical practices within an organization to superiors or to the Public. Whistle Blowing can take place at different levels. It comes to unethical behaviour on the part of colleagues, then will turn to the Whistle Blower first of all, on the chain of command to the Manager to […]

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