Will Acura bring back the RSX?

Will Acura bring back the RSX?

The RSX Isn’t Coming Back Acura doesn’t currently produce a coupe other than the new NSX Supercar. However, there’s lots to choose from in terms of sedans. The rather compact ILX is already a bestseller, and it appeals to a wider audience than would a performance coupe.

Is an Acura RSX fast?

The 4th and final generation of the Honda Integra, Acura RSX Type-S provided its users with a top speed of 140 mph. This sporty luxury car’s recorded ‘0-60’ is 6.7 seconds. No longer in production, much to the disappointment of Acura lovers, the car provided its users with a top speed of 140 mph.

Is the Acura RSX a good daily?

When Ravi purchased the car it was completely stock, bar wearing considerable ‘patina’ after being well used for 15 years. After all, a stock RSX makes a great daily driver and with a few simple handling upgrades can be the perfect canyon carver.

How big are the brakes on an Acura RSX?

Acura also upgraded the brakes, giving RSX larger discs than the outgoing Integra, with 10.3-inch rotors up front in the RSX and 11.8-inchers in the Type-S. Each model gets 10.2-inch discs in the rear.

What’s the difference between the Acura RSX and Integra?

The smooth lines of the Acura RSX make the car it’s replacing, the Integra, almost instantly seem out of date. Not only will the RSX raise the luxo level of the brand, with upgraded materials used throughout the cockpit, but it also packs some serious performance improvements as well.

What was the peak sales of the Acura Legend?

But with the Legend, Acura faced a public that placed more brand-equity on the nameplate than on the marque. Sales of Acura’s largest car pale in comparison to that of the Legend, which soared to 70,770 at its peak in 1988. Last year Acura sold just 14,827 RLs. The Integra faces the same reality.

What’s the name of the new Acura SUV?

Engineered to be the most thrilling SUV in Acura history. The all-new MDX Type S. Click the link to learn more and sign up for updates and arrival timing. What’s Your Location? Your location will be used to find dealers, inventory, and offers in your area.