Why is the Hawker 4000 so cheap?

Why is the Hawker 4000 so cheap?

But there are reasons for that low price. An airplane is more than just a collection of parts, an airborne conveyance, or a style statement. The Hawker 4000 is an airplane like this. Fractional companies canceled early large orders for the model as development dragged on for 14 years.

Should I buy a Hawker 4000?

In terms of speed, range and comfort, the Hawker 4000, in my opinion, has nailed it. You get an advanced airplane with cutting-edge safety systems that can slide from coast to coast with the greatest of ease at 45,000 feet while maintaining a 6,000-foot cabin, an industry best.

What is the range of a Hawker 4000?

6,075 km
Hawker 4000/Range

How much does a hawker cost?

Hawker 800XP Specifications

Hawker 800XP General Info
Acquisition Cost $1,800,000 – $2,200,000
Variable Cost $2,594 – $3,170/hr
Annual Cost $1,615,685 – $1,974,726
Fixed Cost $54,425 – $489,823

How far can a Hawker 4000 Fly?

3,445 nautical miles
This composite construction also makes the aircraft lighter than a standard aluminum structure, allowing a maximum range of 3,445 nautical miles, and a service ceiling of 45,000 feet (14,000 m). The flight deck features a Honeywell Primus Epic avionics suite with EICAS, FADEC and autothrottle.

What happened to the Hawker 4000?

In 2012, Beechcraft suspended production of the composite-fuselage Hawker 4000 and announced it would end certain warranty support for the model as the financially beleaguered company prepared to emerge from Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

How far can a Hawker 800 fly?

2923 miles
The Hawker 800XP has a maximum range (subject to headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 2923 miles and a maximum speed of 514 mph.

Are Hawker jets safe?

The cabin is designed to give you ample headroom, more than any in the midsize category. It is an astounding blend of range and comfort. With its impeccable safety record, the Hawker 800XP and 900XP are the prime choice for corporations to fly their top executives.

Does Akshay Kumar own a private jet?

Akshay Kumar owns a private jet worth Rs 260 crore. The actor lives life king size.

How much does a Hawker 4000 aircraft cost?

The company intends to focus on propeller-driven aircraft; leaving the future of the Hawker 4000 up to an eventual buyer. By 2018, 2008-2010 Hawker 4000s were priced around $4 million, at the engines’ scrap value. The Hawker 4000 can be outfitted to seat ten people.

What kind of fuselage does Hawker Beechcraft 4000 have?

Hawker Beechcraft had high hopes for this private jet – they designed it to meet the high standards of comfort and performance required in the super midsized category of aircraft. To give the 4000 a competitive edge, Hawker Beechcraft selected a carbon fiber fuselage, making the 4000 the first business jet to use one.

What’s the difference between Hawker 4000 and Challenger 300?

The only major difference in the trip would be in fuel burn: the Hawker 4000 would consume 4,260 pounds of fuel, 361 pounds more than the Challenger 300. In summary, the Hawker 4000 and the Challenger 300 are very close competitors. Their differences in runway performance, cruise speeds, and flight time are negligible.

How much does it cost to become a Hawker?

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Hawker? Breakdown Cost Tender Document S$10 Rental (2 Month’s Deposit) S$3,028 Hawker License S$39 Basic Food Hygiene Course (2 Pax) S$321

How much does a Beechcraft Hawker 4000 cost?

How much does it cost to buy a Beechcraft Corp. Hawker 4000? Prices range between $2,000,000 and $4,250,000 with 27 currently advertised for sale. Select make and model above to search for additional private jets for sale. Interested in buying or selling a private jet?

Is the Hawker 4000 jet still for sale?

As of May 2013, Hawker-Beechcraft is offering its jet division, including the Hawker 4000 project, for sale. The company intends to focus on propeller-driven aircraft; leaving the future of the Hawker 4000 up to an eventual buyer.

How many people can fit in a Hawker 4000?

The Hawker 4000 can be outfitted to seat ten people. The aircraft’s carbon composite construction gives it more interior space than many jets in its class. Interior standing room is an average of six feet.

When did the Hawker 4000 get its certification?

At the time, the Hawker 4000 was the first aircraft in its class to be based on its composite construction. The Hawker 4000 received its certification from the Civil Aviation Administration of China in December 2009. In February 2010, Hawker Beechcraft delivered its first Hawker 4000 to a customer in mainland China.