Why is my check engine light on but my car is running fine?

Why is my check engine light on but my car is running fine?

These problems can range from faults within the electrical system, the engine, fluid levels or to problems within the car’s emissions system. The problem can even be as simple as forgetting to tighten your gas cap – in fact, this is the most common reason why check engine lights appear in the first place.

Can your check engine light come on for no reason?

The check engine light can come on for many reasons. For example, something as simple as a loose gas cap can trigger the warning. And major problems, such as failed internal engine components, can turn on the light, as well.

How long can you drive with check engine light on?

It is safe to drive your car for 50 to 100 miles (80 to 160 kilometers) regardless if the Check Engine Light signal is on. Take some individual trips so that the car’s system can assess all the car components’ status on each trip. “Individual trips” means turning off the engine and starting another trip every time.

Can AutoZone tell you what’s wrong with your car?

If your check engine light is on and you need to figure out what’s wrong, come to your local AutoZone and ask about Fix Finder. AutoZone gives you a FREE, easy-to-read MYZONE HEALTH REPORT, which includes relevant codes, and details the action that needs to be taken.

How much is AutoZone diagnostic?

Some places charge you for testing your car, but at AutoZone, it’s free. AutoZone will test your car’s parts for free. We can test your car’s battery*, alternator*, starter* and voltage regulator while they’re still on your car. We can also give your car a complete starting and charging systems test.

What happens if you ignore a check engine light?

Many think ignoring a check engine light will make one go away – instead, it’ll only make the underlying problem grow worse over time, that could eventually result in a major breakdown that requires significant time, money and effort to fix.

Do you need an engine warning light to pass Mot?

The answer to this is ‘no’ – the light itself isn’t but the issue that causes could prevent your car passing its MoT depending on what it is. Unlike many of a dashboard’s other warning lights, an engine warning light doesn’t alert you to a specific fault.

Why does my engine management light keep flashing?

Unlike the coolant temperature light, for example, which alerts you if the car is overheating, the Engine Management Light (EML) can illuminate for a number of reasons. A flashing or continuous warning light can show If the ECU calculates that the engine isn’t quite running right.

Is it possible to reset an engine warning light?

While the documentation for some older cars provided instructions on how to check and reset engine warning lights, it’s not usually possible now cars have grown more sophisticated. It’s well worth paying for accurate diagnosis, though, so a proper and effective repair can be made.

What happens when your check engine light goes off?

You wouldn’t think a gas cap would be that important, but it is. When it’s loose or cracked, fuel vapors leak out and can throw the whole fuel system off. This causes a reduction in gas mileage and increases emissions. If you get an error pointing to the gas cap it means fuel vapors are leaking out of your cap.

Is it safe to drive with check engine light on?

Sometimes, multiple sensors send signals, indicating clues that something bigger has gone awry. You can still drive with the light illuminated, assuming the car is running and driving fine, but you should get it checked out as soon as possible.

Why does my check engine light turn orange?

When it runs into an issue that the ECU cannot correct, the check engine light (CEL) starts glowing. The light is typically yellow or orange, and features an image of engine with text telling the driver to check or service the engine or powertrain. The engine computer stores a diagnostic code when the light begins glowing.

How often should I Change my Check Engine light?

Spark plugs should be replaced approximately every 25,000 miles to prevent their eventual failure. A diagnostic test can determine if the spark plugs are the reason the Check Engine warning light has come on. Our Cardinale GMC Service technicians can replace your spark plugs and reset your vehicle’s computer.