Why is my car dying randomly?

Why is my car dying randomly?

Car systems that may cause stalling The most common systems that will cause your car to turn off are the following: The electrical ignition system (battery, fuses, terminals, spark plugs). The fuel injection system (fuel pump, injection needles, hoses, filters). The cooling system (water pump, thermostat, radiator)

What to do if your car stalls at a red light?

Fuel pump. If you haven’t replaced the fuel pump in the last ten years, the pump may be worn and unable to deliver the correct amount of fuel the engine needs above idle speeds. Check the fuel pump if your vehicle stalls when stopping at a red light and then starts right back up.

What to do if your car dies at a stop light?

Finding the cause of the problem takes experienced troubleshooting skills and a working knowledge of your vehicle’s air, fuel, and electrical systems. Here are some things we look at during our troubleshooting process: Check engine light on?

Why is my Chevy S10 GMC S15 dying?

My mechanic said that he charged the battery and put in a new alternator and got it to run just to move it into his garage then it dies again. It is so dead, that none of the lights work, nothing. He thinks it might be an electrical short, but cannot trace it without an electrical diagram/schematic of the starting system.

Why does my GMC S15 die at high idle?

Recently my truck has began to die when coming back down to idle. In looking at the fuel injection, I can see the injectors stop injecting fuel. After it dies, it is very hard to restart unless it is left alone and cools a bit. If the IAC is unplugged, the engine will run at high idle fine.

What happens when you stop at a red light?

I just had the same problem with my 2014 Equinox (72K miles); the engine would shut off when I stopped in traffic or at a light. The check engine light did not cut on; it just died on the DC 14st bridge. It did restart immediately, but I had non-stop stalls at all stops on the way home.

Why did my Chevy Equinox die at a red light?

The symptoms were the same – dying when stopping and running rough when cold started. Recall 11195A. The fix for the 2011 was reprogramming the ECM and replacing the cam shaft solenoids. It seems this is part of the variable valve timing.

Is there a red light on the top of my Colorado?

I have had my 2015 Colorado WT for about 3 month. I typically leave my house in the morning when it is dark out. This morning, for the first time, I noticed the red light on TOP of my dash blinking. Some people say this is the passive security system.

What does the red light on the dash mean?

Manual says “if your vehicle approaches another detected vehicle too rapidly, the red FCA display will flash on the windshield. Also.l, eight rapid high-pitched beeps will sound from the front, or both sides of the safety alert seat will pulse five times.