Why does the engine shut down for no reason?

Why does the engine shut down for no reason?

We are at a huge loss as to what to do next and thought about the computer. This is a Dodge Dakota fuel injection system and 1992. Any help would be appreciated. Bo, if it is usually starts right back up after it shuts off I would say it is the throttle position sensor.

Why did my Dodge Dakota engine shut down?

Today I thought I had a bad ground wire from the Battery so I replaced it and after I started the truck and went to the fender to listen to the engine ( about 10 seconds ) The engine died again. We are at a huge loss as to what to do next and thought about the computer. This is a Dodge Dakota fuel injection system and 1992.

Why does my car pull to the side when taking a turn?

Also, the front-end alignment is another important thing. Uneven wear on the front tires will make your car pull to a side while driving or taking a turn. Uneven tire tread leads to misalignment of the wheels, which can also a reason that triggers hard and stiff steering at the time of making turns on the road.

How often does a Dodge Dakota engine die?

It has been very sporatic and at various speeds. Some days it runs ok and others it dies several times a day.Coil has been changed, fuel pump, fuel filter battery, Spark plugs, Complete tune up and The Air intake gone over and cleaned by professionals.

How many times has engine shut off while driving?

Her engine has now shut off 6 times while she is driving (one time on the freeway). The dealer claims they can’t find the problem and wants her to not restart her engine and have the car towed. I told her no way to stay in the middle of the road like a sitting duck. Is anyone else having this problem……any ideas?

What causes a boat engine to stop working?

A loose hose clamp or a split or burst hose can also slow water flow, and it can spray damaging moisture around the engine. Prevention: Regularly service and replace the impeller. Also look at the condition of its housing. Scarring or pitting of the metal housing can cause even a good impeller to lose pumping power.

What to do if your car engine stops while driving?

Its your daughter or who ever is driving the vehicle at the time that is at risk and an engine stopping just like that while driving is a major safety issue. So I would leave it at the dealership until they find and fix the problem. In the mean time while they are fixing the vehicle they should be giving you a loaner.

Why is my PT Crusier engine shutting down?

Our PT Crusier has been dying while driving 55/60 mph. We thought fuel pump, but after letting the cruiser sit for 10 mins or more, it may start back up. This problem has been going on for about 2 mos or so. Battery is brand new and had fluids, oil, and a seal for transmission leak done in Feb. Of this year.

Why does my car engine shut off while driving?

As many have already stated, my car is in perfect condition other than this issue. For the last two months or so, the engine randomly shuts off while driving. Sometimes it doesn’t even shut off–all of the gauges will start moving up and down as if it’s struggling to stay on.

What causes the engine speed to go up or down?

The sensor wire (for the power steering pressure) tends to corrode or break loose. The ECU gets confused, and may drive the engine speed up and down (trying to compensate for engine load during power steering operation).

Can a failed IAC cause engine stalling at idle?

A problem with the IAC should throw a P0505 code. A failed/problematic IAC can cause engine stalling when off-throttle, and/or excessively high engine rpm, particularly at idle. The IAC, signaled by the ECU, controls the throttle opening at idle.