Why does my maintenance required light flash then go off?

Why does my maintenance required light flash then go off?

The light illuminates for about 3 seconds and then flashes for about 15 second every 4,500 miles after the maintenance has been reset. Most often this just means your vehicle might be due for an oil change.

What does maintenance required light mean on Acura?

For the first 6000 miles after completion of scheduled maintenance and indicator light reset, the MAINT REQD reminder light will illuminate for 2 seconds when ignition is turned to ON position. After exceeding 7500 miles without having scheduled maintenance performed, light will remain on until it is reset.

Why does maintenance required light come on?

The purpose of the maintenance required light is to encourage drivers to take their vehicle in for regular scheduled maintenance, such as oil changes, spark plugs, new tires, etc. Normally, automotive specialists will reset the maintenance required light when servicing your vehicle.

How do you reset the maintenance light on a Acura TL?

Press and hold the SELECT and RESET buttons on the instrument panel. Turn the ignition to position (II) do not start engine. Hold the SELECT and RESET buttons until the indicator resets, 10 seconds. Turn ignition off and then start the engine to verify the indicator has been reset.

How do I turn off the maintenance required light on my Acura?

The buttons are labeled “Sel” and “Reset.” Continue to hold the buttons until instructed to release them. Turn the key to the second ignition position (labeled “II”). After 10 to 15 seconds, the maintenance light will flash, and then disappear. Release the buttons and turn the key off.

How long can you drive with maintenance required light on?

Secondly, resetting the maintenance required light after you have changed the oil restarts the counter. As a result, you can drive safely on roads and after 5,000 miles, this light will automatically remind you it’s time for a new oil change, so you don’t have to count the miles manually.

Why is my maintenance required light still on after oil change?

What ‘MAINT REQD’ Means. The ‘MAINT REQD’ light comes on every 5000 miles from the last time it was reset. It in no way indicates any system malfunction; it is simply a mileage counter intended to remind the user that an oil change is necessary.

Can you pass inspection with maintenance required light on?

You can’t pass a vehicle inspection with the maintenance light on. If an inspector sees this on, they can easily find the issues and fail you—so don’t try and hide it. The only way to pass inspection after failure is to get the proper repairs done.

How do I turn off the maintenance required light?

Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Turn Your Vehicle on. Your key should be switched to the on position and look on your dashboard.
  2. Turn the Vehicle Off and Press the Trip Meter Reset Button.
  3. Turn the Vehicle Back on.
  4. Keep the Reset Button Pressed.
  5. Release the Reset Button.