Why does my Jeep Grand Cherokee battery drain?

Why does my Jeep Grand Cherokee battery drain?

30 people found this helpful. I have had the same problem with my previous battery however this was on a 2002 grand cherokee. my alarm system was draining it for some apparent reason. There was a constant draw from it because of the poor charge maintained while running due to alternator problems.

What causes a Jeep Grand Cherokee to not start?

Jeep Grand Cherokee Won’t Start Diagnosis. 1 1. Battery Cables. While the battery cables are not necessarily the most likely issue to cause your Grand Cherokee to not start, they are some of the 2 2. Battery Charge. 3 3. Starter. 4 2. Ignition Issues. 5 3. Engine Timing.

When did the battery die on my Jeep Cherokee?

Battery died again, replaced 2015. Only 12,000 miles on jeep. In this cold in Michigan, if not driven for a day or 2 it dies. Multifunction light came on a few days before it died however the manual said that means that gas cap is not on right or bad gas.

Why is the alternator on my Jeep not charging?

Looks like the field coil of the alternator isn’t getting power. There are 3 wires attached to the alternator. One is a big fat wire that goes to the battery, this is the alternator output. The other two wires feed power to the field coil.

What should I do if my alternator wont charge?

Be careful to avoid getting caught by the alternator belt! With the engine running, there should be voltage across the terminals. Turn on the headlights to put some load on the battery, the voltage on the field coil should rise slightly. If you don’t see voltage on the field coil terminals, you might have a blown fuse.

When did the Jeep Grand Cherokee come out?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee was redesigned for the 1999 model year; the 2000 models have minimal changes. This model is also known as Jeep WJ. Answered! View the answer I have this problem too Is this a good question? you may want to also consider that your battery has a dead cell and that no amount of charging is going to save that .

Where are the fuses on a jeep alternator?

If you don’t see voltage on the field coil terminals, you might have a blown fuse. The field coil is powered by a box called Powertrain Control Module, and there are 3 fuses that might be of interest, numbered 6, 19, and 26 according to the schematic (see below).