Why does my ignition coil fuse keep blowing?

Why does my ignition coil fuse keep blowing?

The only reason a fuse will “blow” is because of a short circuit. That is a point where a wire connects directly to a ground and more current tries to pass through the wire than it is designed to handle. At that point the fuse will blow to keep the wiring from being damaged.

Is there a main fuse in a car?

All cars have at least one main fuse or fusible link. It’s usually installed at the positive battery terminal or in the fuse box, connected to the battery positive cable. Often the main fuse blows when accidentally touching the wrong battery terminal when boosting a dead battery.

What causes a fuse to blow on an ignition switch?

The good news is that there aren’t too many things in the ignition system itself that can blow your fuse, particularly if the the ignition coil draws its current directly from the battery or alternator via a relay. If that’s the case, then your fault is almost certainly in the ignition switch itself or the wires going to it.

What should I do if my starter fuse blows?

Check the battery feed to the starter motor for a bad connection, the relay is only supposed to pull the starter contact in and the big cable supplies the actual starting current. If the battery feed is dirty/blown, the relay carries the load.

What should I do if I have a bad ignition relay?

Remove the ignition relay from the fuse box. Get a couple of cables and locate the car battery. Check the relay’s backside for numbers; you will probably find 30, 85, 86, and 87. Remove the relay from the fuse box. Connect 12 volts from the car battery directly to the pins 30 and 85.

Where is the ignition relay located in a car?

The ignition relay is often located in the fuse box under the hood. It can also be located in a fuse box under the dashboard inside of the car. The ignition relay’s exact location may differ from vehicle to vehicle depending on the design of the vehicle and the company that manufactured it.

Why does my Mitsubishi ignition fuse keep blowing?

Ignition fuse keeps blowing mitsubishi electrical wiring My car keeps blowing ign fuse . We’ve checked all the wiring nothing touching. Changed the alternator and the fuse still blows. Just wondering if it could be the ignition switch or maybe the starter. My car has 111564 miles. My car has an automatic transmission.

What happens when you unplug a fuse on a car?

Now you can go around and unplug things until the light becomes dim or goes out. That’s what will happen when you unplug the shorted item. Note that if this really is the ASD circuit, the relay only turns on for one second after you turn on the ignition switch. It won’t turn on again until you are cranking the engine.

Why is my starter fuse blowing on start?

The green/violet is the starter relay feed through the start fuse. Then the pink/white feeds the starter motor solenoid from the relay. Your issue is on that pink/white wire. Without seeing it it’s possible the wire even got close to something and melted/shorted out.

What to do if your fuse keeps blowing?

Don’t wiggle wiring harnesses around in hopes of getting it to not blow another fuse because then there’s no defect to find. Once it is in the defective state, insert a pair of spade terminals in place of the blown fuse, then use a pair of jumper wires to connect them to a 12 volt light bulb.