Why does my check engine light keep coming back on?

Why does my check engine light keep coming back on?

There are several reasons the check engine light may be triggered: A loose, cracked, or faulty gas cap can cause fuel to evaporate, thus causing your check engine light. Make sure your gas cap is tight. If that is the problem, the check engine light should go off within 10 or 20 miles after you start driving again.

Do dealerships check engine light?

Many dealers will fix problems with the cars, but some dealerships will attempt to avoid their responsibilities by tampering with a car’s check engine light. A vehicle’s check engine light will come on when the vehicle’s computer detects a Diagnostic Trouble Code.

Why does my Acura check engine light keep coming on?

When your Acura check engine light remains on, the problem could be something as simple a loose gas cap. It can also be an indication of a serious engine issue, a problem with the emission system or in some cases even an indication of a problem with the automatic transmission.

Is there a VSA warning light on my Acura?

VSA warning light. Many Honda/Acura products have an issue with the SRS light illuminated some time after the car passes the 100,000 mile mark on the odometer. This has afflicted Hondas and Acuras since the 90’s. Sometimes, the light just comes on without meaning, and poses no issue to occupants.

What does the coolant warning light on an Acura mean?

Coolant warning light. We’ve covered the lights that could be urgent for your safety, now this light is urgent for your Acura’s safety. The engine warning light is designed to tell you that you may have an issue with your engine oil; whether it’s low or your oil pressure is off, it’s important that you stop immediately.

What to do if your check engine light is blinking?

Do not drive an Acura for an extended time if the check engine light is flashing. Driving with the check engine light blinking increases the risk of causing damage to the engine.